About Super Mario Rush 2

Super Mario Rush 2 is an engaging HTML5 game where you join famous plumber, Mario in a fast-paced adventure through the Mushroom Kingdom. The goal is to help Mario avoid various dangers such as flesh-eating plants, evil turtles, and chainsaws, all while collecting coins and avoiding falling into lava.

The gameplay involves Mario running automatically, with your role being to help him jump over obstacles and collect coins. You can make Mario jump by clicking or tapping on the screen, and for longer jumps, you hold the click or tap. Additionally, if you want Mario to roll in the air, you can do so by holding the button until he lands safely.

The controls are simple: use the mouse or touch screen to make Mario jump.

Collecting coins is crucial as they allow you to buy new costumes for Mario. Despite the challenges, the coins you’ve collected remain with you, even if you lose a level.