About Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is a fast-paced action of endless runner similar to Subway Surfers with ghost themed world and challenges. In Super Mario Run a bad guys is waiting along the way to stop and kill Mario. There are also other obstackles like in Subway Surfers. You need to navigate Mario over and under obstacles, defeat enemies, and collect coins and power-ups.

Along the way, you must use quick reflexes and strategic timing to overcome challenges and obstacles that stand in Mario's path.


The controls in Super Mario Run are similar to Subway Surfers as follow:

  • Left/Right Arrow keys: Swipe left or right to escapes obstacles
  • Down Arrow key: Swipe down for passing high obstacles
  • Up Arrow key: Swipe up for jumping over low obstacles
  • Down Arrow key: Swipe down for beating the enemies
  • Remove Scoreboard: The scoreboard takes time to remove when you hit any obstacles and the game ends. But you can do this manually by clicking anywhere outside the game frame and then clicking on the scoreboard.