About Super Mario Combat

Tired of being on the defensive, our famous plumber, Mario has got intense kung fu training in the Mushroom Kingdom to confront his enemies head-on, with the ultimate goal of defeating the Bowser.

The primary goal of Super Mario Combat is to guide Mario through various levels, utilizing his martial arts skills to defeat Bowser’s forces.

Beware of the relentless Koopa Turtles that will stop at nothing to halt Mario's progress. Evade their attacks by using Mario’s fighting skills. Running away is not an option, so practice Mario moves to defeat them before they get the chance to strike.

One more thing, keep an eye on Mario's energy meter displayed at the top of the screen, the depletion of this meter alerts you to the loss of life.


Left/right arrow key: Move Mario left/right

Up arrow key: Jump the Mario

A key: Attack the enemies

Spacebar: Enter the castle at the end of each level

So, gear up to enter the Mushroom Kingdom, where Mario's combat skills are put to the test. Will you guide him to victory and finally bring an end to Bowser's terror?