How to Play Super Mario 64 on PC - Controls

If you’re used to playing Super Mario 64 on an N64 console, you’ll notice the controls are different when playing on a keyboard. Here’s how to play SM64 with a keyboard:

Start the Game: Press the key Enter.

Read Instructions: C (When a cameraman reports some information or hints, press C to read the instructions)

Movement: Use the Arrow keys to move Mario.

Jump: X

Attack/Interact: Press C to perform actions or interact with objects.

Enter New Level: To enter a new level (e.g. Bob-omb Battlefield) press Enter.

Camera Controls: Use WASD to adjust camera view. For Zoom Up, S; For Zoom Down, W; For Zoom Left, A; For Zoom Right, D.

Swim: X (Press to move hands, hold X to move legs).

Worlds in Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 features a total of 15 worlds, each with unique theme and challenges:

1. Bob-omb Battlefield: Defeat King Bob-omb, race Koopa the Quick, and fly to floating islands.

2. Whomp’s Fortress: Topple the Whomp King, blast away the wall, and scale the fortress.

3. Jolly Roger Bay: Plunder the sunken ship, navigate through eel-infested waters, and collect red coins.

4. Cool, Cool Mountain: Race a big penguin, rescue a lost baby penguin, and survive slippery slopes.

5. Big Boo’s Haunt: Hunt ghosts, ride a merry-go-round, and face off against Big Boo.

6. Hazy Maze Cave: Ride the sea monster, navigate mazes, and find the emergency exit.

7. Lethal Lava Land: Avoid fiery obstacles, bully the bullies, and navigate the volcano.

8. Shifting Sand Land: Confront the talons of the big bird, explore inside the pyramid, and stand tall on four pillars.

9. Dire, Dire Docks: Board Bowser’s sub, collect chests in the current, and swim through rings.

10. Snowman’s Land: Climb a giant snowman, chill with the bully, and discover the igloo.

11. Wet-Dry World: Manipulate water levels, uncover secrets, and dash through downtown.

12. Tall, Tall Mountain: Scale the mountain, chase a monkey, and dodge rolling rocks.

13. Tiny-Huge Island: Navigate between two size extremes, race Wiggler, and find 5 itty bitty secrets.

14. Tick Tock Clock: Time your jumps, avoid cogs and gears, and race against time.

15. Rainbow Ride: Surf on magic carpets, dodge tricky triangles, and reach the big house in the sky.

How to Access Super Mario 64 Unblocked

If you want to play Super Mario 64 Unblocked at restricted places like schools or some hospitals, chances are that most sites are blocked. In that case, you can still use our site to play SM64 without interruptions.

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