About Super Mario 63

Super Mario 63 is a popular fan-made flash game that combines elements from the classic Super Mario series with gameplay mechanics inspired by Super Mario 64. Created by Runouw, the game offers a unique and engaging experience for fans of the iconic plumber, Mario.

Super Mario 63 is also a side-scrolling platformer game where the goal is the same as of SM64 to rescue Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser. But I like this game very much because of its many unique levels, each filled with obstacles, puzzles, and enemies. The game combines the classic feel of the original Mario games with the freedom of movement associated with the 3D Mario titles.


The goal of Super Mario 63 is to navigate Mario through the Mushroom Kingdom, overcoming obstacles, jumping over gaps, solving puzzles, defeating Bowser's forces, and eventually reaching the flagpole at the end of each level to save Princess Toadstool.


Moves: Arrow keys

Eliminate enemies: Spin to eliminate enemies along your path by pressing the X key.

Read signs: Press the Z key to read signs/instructions.

Jump: Use Up arrow key for jumping.