About Super Mario Egypt Stars

Super Mario Egypt Stars is an exciting fan-made game that features the famous plumber Mario in a new adventure set in ancient Egypt. The game has seven levels, each with a different maze inside a pyramid. The goal of the game is to collect all the hidden stars in each level and return to the entrance door without getting hit by enemies or traps.

The game is challenging and fun, and it has a secret room at the end for those who complete all the levels.


The primary goal of Super Mario Egypt Stars is to navigate through each level, collecting hidden Shiny Sprites in different places. In the last level, you have to fight against Bowser. So make sure to collect all the coins in the previous levels to get extra lives and stay stronger.


The game has simple controls:

Moves: Arrow keys

Jump: Use the Up arrow key

How to Play Super Mario Egypt Stars

  • Start by selecting a level, each with its unique challenges.
  • Navigate Mario through the level, defeating enemies and hazards.
  • Discover hidden areas and collect Shiny Sprites to progress.
  • Collect coins to earn extra lives and enhance your chances in the final stage.
  • Face off against Bowser in an epic one-on-one battle in the final level.