About Super Mario Riders

Super Mario Riders is a 2D running-and-jumping game where you need to guide Mario through a world filled with traps, magic stars, surprise boxes, power-ups, enemies, and many obstacles.

You can collect coins which can be used to unlock new characters like Luigi, Toad, and Toadette.

Keep an eye out for stars, especially the pink ones, as they give you 200 points each. Collecting stars can significantly boost your score. The Mushroom Kingdom is full of surprises. So stay focused on the path ahead and be ready to react quickly to any new threats.

In Super Mario Riders, you don’t need to move Mario as he is moving automatically forward on the right side, you just need to guide him to reach the end of each level by utilizing his jumping abilities.

The controls in Super Mario Riders are the same as in the Super Mario Run game: press the left mouse button to jump or double jump, and hold the left mouse button to float in the air.